How to Assemble

This is an semi-automatic rifle, so there are a lot of complex moving parts. With that being said it is possible to assemble your own rifle. Like always I do not recommend this, please use a trained gunsmith to assemble a rifle for you. I, nor anyone leaving comments on this website take any responsibility for your actions, be safe. These web pages are only for informational purposes.

Due to the complexity I have broken down the assembly description into several pages. First it is important to have the right tools for the job at hand, so I will describe some of the tools a gunsmith would use to assemble an AR-15 rifle.
Tools Description Page

The AR-15 (AR15) rifle is commonly described in two major pieces, the Upper and the Lower. These two pieces are held together by two pins, called the take down pins, that are attached to the Lower and pin through holes in the Upper. I will describe the assembly of each part and on each page at the end of assembly describe the process of attaching them together.
AR15 Upper Assembly Description
AR15 Lower Assembly Description

Although the adjustments of the trigger are not really part of assembly I want to describe some common tricks that gunsmiths may do to help with getting that really nice trigger.
AR15 Trigger Adjustment Instructions

The Magazines of an AR15 also can be assembled, disassembled, and adjusted, so why not talk about that a little.
AR15 Magazines Description

List of all Assembly pages:
Tools (to be finished)
AR15 Upper Assembly Description
AR-15 Lower Assembly Description
AR-15 bolt and Carrier – replace bolt – Description
Trigger Adjustment

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