Preparedness Theme for July

The Preparedness Theme for July is Food. For us it is just adding to our food storage, canned food, dry food, etc. Also a good thing to think about is being able to be self sufficient, so if you don’t already have a garden start planning for next year, or look into ways to grow … [Read more…]

Preparedness Theme for June

The Preparedness Theme for June is Water. Time to stock up on water, water purifyer tablets, and water filters. Also it would be a good idea to look into rain capture system and any laws in regards to such. For us we can only store 250Gallons without a permit.

Special post! Emergency power!

So, I have owned a GoalZero panel and power pack for about a year now, and I just have to say it is great. Just yesterday I went hiking and used it to keep my cell phone working. I deal with data rooms and one of the devices was going crazy, I had to have … [Read more…]

Preparedness Theme for May

The Preparedness Theme for May is First Aid. This month we plan to check our current first aid kits and try to replenish them and then also store additional first aid supplies. We plan to get some fish penicilin and bandaids and anticeptic supplies. The fish penicilin will have to be purchased at a pet … [Read more…]

Preparedness Theme for April

The Preparedness Theme for April is “Big Bug Out” meaning a long distance travel of some sort. For this we decided it was time to get a shelf in our garage cleaned off allowing us to put all our camping and travel equipment on that shelf. We have a truck that we would want to … [Read more…]