Preparedness Theme for December

The Preparedness theme for December is First Aid/Hygiene. This month you can either catch up a little on your first aid or you can work on one of the more over looked areas of preparedness, Hygiene. One of my favorite Hygiene preps is toilet paper, and my wife would agree with me. If you ever … [Read more…]

Preparedness Theme for November

The Preparedness theme for November is Food/Water. As we are getting close to the end of the year it is important to look back on previous months and what you currently have, and reflect on what you might have missed, or are missing in your preps. This month is like a catch up month, if … [Read more…]

Preparedness Theme for October

The Preparedness theme for October is Security again. Last month I spoke about how sometimes, for us anyway, the security theme can have some higher ticket items, well that is why we put two months of this same theme back to back, so we could pool the money budgeted for both months into one, or … [Read more…]

Preparedness Theme for September

The Preparedness theme for September is Security. This is a controversial topic for most people, for me it is a no brainer, I worry about security even before a disaster so of course I want to be ready for the added security threats in a disaster. For this month we are a little torn and … [Read more…]

Preparedness Theme for August

The Preparedness Theme for August is again Food, just like July. Since you will want to both store a lot of food, and have planns to be able to grow your own food we feel it is important to have two months in a row. This month, continue adding to your storage and gardening plans … [Read more…]