Gas Blocks

Gas blocks are used to connect the gas tube to the barrel.  It is important to line up the gas port on the barrel with the proper hole on the gas block.  The gas that is captured and escapes the barrel through the gas block and gas tube is what is used to move the … [Read more…]

Bolt Carriers

The bolt carrier assembly is the major moving part in the AR15. It’s roll is to load a round, when it is fired gas will travel to and push on the gas key and on the gas rings causing the bolt carrier to eject the fired casing and then as it comes back forward into … [Read more…]

Picatinny Rails & Covers

Picatinny Rails & Covers are used primarily on a forend.  Picatinny rails are very common on A3 style AR15 rifles, they are found on the upper receiver, the quad rail, and the gas block.  I have also seen picatinny rails on the stock and additional rails added to the barrel.  This picture shows a UTG … [Read more…]


The Forend of an AR15 is to protect the shooter from the heat of the barrel and also to protect the gas tube from damage.  Now days the Forend also is commonly installed with quad rail, with free float forend, and many other configurations.  The quad rail can be used to mount additional sights or … [Read more…]

Ejection Port Covers

The Ejection Port Cover has the prupose of protecting the chamber and bolt carrier from dirt/dust.  It is a little door on the side of the upper that can be snapped shut to protect but will automatically be opened by the carrier either when the charging handle is pulled or when the firearm is fired … [Read more…]