Bolt Carrier

The AR-15 Bolt Carrier is the part that slides inside the upper of the AR-15 to allow the bolt to lock into place and eject spent cartridges, then slide forward to chamber another round.

Bolt Cam Pin

The AR-15 Bolt Cam Pin is part of the bolt carrier.  This pin goes through the carrier and through a hole in the bolt.  The firing pin holds this in place as it has a hole in the middle of it that the firing pin goes through. This page shows how to assemble an AR-15 … [Read more…]

Peel and Crush Washers

The peel and crush washers are used to properly index the muzzle device (Flash Hider, Compensator, etc.) The Peel Washer is a washer that splits to modify the thickness of the washer to allow you to index or align the muzzle device properly on the barrel.     The Crush Washer is a washer that … [Read more…]

Gas Tube

The AR-15 Gas Tube is what the gas travels down to push the carrier back to eject the spent round and load the next.

Gas Tube Roll Pin

The AR-15 Gas Tube Roll Pin is used to hold the Gas tube in place.  The pin goes through the Front sight base or gas block and through the hole that goes all the way through the gas tube.