Flash Hider vs Compensator

Upper is assembled, lower is assembled, bolt and carrier has been put together.  What is next on my list?  The muzzle break – Flash Hider or Compensator. Flash Hider: Just as the name suggests the purpose of a Flash Hider is to lessen the big ball of flame that comes out of a barrel when … [Read more…]

My 6.5 Grendel – So far

Few of you may know, I have started building my next rifle, this one I am taking the most time on to make sure it is as accurate as possible (within my budget). I chose the 6.5 grendel because it has a similar trajectory to the 308 round and yet still fits in the AR15 … [Read more…]

My new Gun – just getting started…..

This is the stock I want for my new gun. What a beautiful well crafted stock. I can just imagine myself placing this stock into my shoulder, breath, and slowly pull that trigger back till BOOM. Oh it will happen! This is the pistol grip I am going to get…