Personal Physical Components of shooting

Last night I got together with a friend of mine and we got to talking about shooting compound bow and arrows, and the physical components of it.  His feelings are that it takes more physical involvement to shoot a bow, than to shoot a gun.  He took me out in his yard to shoot a … [Read more…]

Target shooting start fires?

Can target shooting really start fires?  I live in Utah and there has been claims that 10 fires this year, so far, have been started by firearms.  Mentioned here: There was a fire back in 2011 that was started by exploding targets, and that makes sense, of course that could start a fire when … [Read more…]

Careful where you buy or sell gun parts

From the title you would think I am talking about quality of products, nope.  I do however want to mention that quality is important, do not buy until you know it is what you want.  I am actually referencing a story of mine. I just started working at a new place, and as usual was … [Read more…]


Brian was the winner, he selected “Infidel”, a good choice, when I order his I might just order me a zombie hunter one as well…. To celebrate our facebook page reaching 100 likes I am going to giveaway your choice of an Engraved Ejection Port Cover, also refered to as a Dust Cover Click Here … [Read more…]