Pistol Training Research Drills

So today I spent an hour with a friend working on studying pistol presentation, discussing stance, and hold on pistol and other firearms.  It is interesting the insights that can happen when two trained people talk about things they have seen and learned.  Anyway, we talked about the good idea to have similar presentation for … [Read more…]

30 min Knife Training Session

Ok, it was a knife training day today.  It is always important to learn how to use a knife affectively.  Think about it, as long as you can retain your knife you won’t run out of it’s bullets!  Ha! Well that is what knife guys say anyway, makes me chuckle, but it is true. A … [Read more…]

Pistol offence and defense training

Well it was a pistol training day today. Not something I have really spoken about on this website in the past. We went to a remote location, since people get nervous when you train with guns, even though we were just using airsoft guns and orange training guns. First we started with offensive drills.  Presenting … [Read more…]

Backup Weapons

I was speaking with a local police officer recently, we were discussing firearms, of course.  Anyway, we got on the subject of a fire fight and he explained to me, his pistol is what he uses to fight to his patrol car in order to get his rifle.  He takes his stand with his AR15.  … [Read more…]

Oil That Gun!

I have been working on and building AR-15 rifles for quite a wile and it always amazes me how few people actually oil their guns.  I have people come to me complaining about their gun jamming or not working quite right and all I had to do was clean it up and add some oil, … [Read more…]