Front Sight Base

The front sight base is the gas block for the standard A1 or A2, it is also part of the sight.  This one is held on with taper pins and is a standard A2 front sight base: You can get one here.

Flash Hiders

Flash hiders are just that, they are designed to hide the flash out the barrel when a round is fired. There are many different kinds, some hide the flash better than others, some are designed to also prevent gases from exiting down and kicking up dust if the person firing is in the prone position.

Barrel Nut

Depending on the type of hand guard you use you will use a different barrel nut, this one below is a standard barrel nut, it requires a special tool to tighten onto the upper receiver over the barrel. This is the tool you use to tighten the Barrel Nut, this tool will usually work with … [Read more…]


The AR15 barrel can come in many different lengths from 7inch or smaller to 24inch or larger. The barrel usually comes with what is known as the barrel extension which is what the bolt will lock into to prevent loss of gases when a round is being fired, this locking also protects the person firing … [Read more…]


The AR15 upper consists of the barrel, flash hider, front sight, gas block, gas tube, upper half receiver, bolt and carrier. This AR15 upper has a flat top receiver, also known as an A3 upper, free float UTG quad rail hand guard, flat top picatinny railed gas block, m4 style 16inch barrel with A2 flash … [Read more…]