AR-15 Parts List

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Here is an AR-15 Parts List:


Front Sling Swivel Rivets

Front Sling Swivels

Barrel Extensions

Barrel Nuts

Barrel Retaining Rings/snap ring



Flash Hiders

Front Sight Bases

Front Sight Detents

Front Sight Posts

Front Sight Springs

Front Sight Taper Pins

Gas Blocks

Gas Tube Roll Pins

Gas Tubes

Peel/Crush Washers

Bolt Cam Pins

Bolt Carriers

Bolt Catch Plungers

Bolt Catch Roll Pins

Bolt Catch Springs

Bolt Catches

Bolt Gas Rings

Bolt Key Screws

Bolt Keys

Bolt Releases


Extractor Pins

Extractor Springs


Firing Pin Retaining Pins

Firing Pins

Gas Rings

Ejector Pins


Charging Handle Latch Pins

Charging Handle Latch Springs

Charging Handle Latches

Charging Handles

Delta Rings

Weld Springs

Forend Grips


Picatinny Rails & Covers

Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin Snap Rings

Ejection Port Cover Pins

Ejection Port Cover Springs

Ejection Port Covers

Forward Assist Detents

Forward Assist Pawl Roll Pins

Forward Assist Pawl Springs

Forward Assist Pawls

Forward Assist Pins

Forward Assist Springs

Forward Assists

Rear Sight Base Apertures

Rear Sight Base Ball Bearings

Rear Sight Base Elevation Index

Rear Sight Base Elevation Knob Springs

Rear Sight Base Elevation Knobs

Rear Sight Base Flat Springs

Rear Sight Base Index Screws

Rear Sight Base Lugs

Rear Sight Base Spring Pins

Rear Sight Base Springs

Rear Sight Base Windage Knob Screws

Rear Sight Base Windage Knobs


Upper Receiver Assemblies

Upper Receivers


Magazine Followers

Magazine Springs


Access Door (Trapdoor) Assemblies

Access Door (Trapdoor) Hinge Pins

Access Door (Trapdoor) Hinges Buffers

Buffer Retainer Spring

Buffer Retainer

Buffer Spring

Buffer Tube

Buffer Tube Castle Nut

Recoil Buffers

Buttplates & Recoil Pads

Buttstock Screws, Lower

Buttstock Screws, Upper

Buttstock Spacers


Disconnector Springs


Hammer Springs


Handguard Caps

Handguard Sets

Lower Receivers

Magazine Extensions

Magazine Followers

Magazine Release Buttons

Magazine Release Springs

Magazine Releases

Magazine Springs

Pistol Grip Lock Washers

Pistol Grip Screws

Pistol Grips

Pivot Pins

Rear Swivels

Selector Detent Springs

Selector Detents



Takedown Detent Pins (Front & Rear)

Takedown Detent Springs (Front & Rear)

Takedown Pins

Trigger Guard Roll Pins

Trigger Guards

Trigger Pins

Trigger Springs