Pistol Training Research Drills

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo today I spent an hour with a friend working on studying pistol presentation, discussing stance, and hold on pistol and other firearms.  It is interesting the insights that can happen when two trained people talk about things they have seen and learned.  Anyway, we talked about the good idea to have similar presentation for every firearm you use, that way there is cross over from training from one to the next.

We also did some research on distance of attacks.  Working on at what distance one could run away from an attacker with a gun.  For this we also did some research online with Police and FBI statistics on shootings.  We found that we were able to strike target at longer distances than were discussed in the reports.  Which led to the discussion on how could we help simulate the high stress of a real dynamic situation.  The discussions led to talks about timers, buzzers, moving targets.  These would all be good simulations but they would not fully simulate a real situation.

Anyway good things to talk about, it was a huge eye opener on the importance on really getting down your firearm presentation quickly and repeatedly and under stress.

Keep studying, learning, and PRACTICE!