30 min Knife Training Session

KnifeOk, it was a knife training day today.  It is always important to learn how to use a knife affectively.  Think about it, as long as you can retain your knife you won’t run out of it’s bullets!  Ha! Well that is what knife guys say anyway, makes me chuckle, but it is true.

A knife is a great weapon, because in reality they are everywhere, a screw driver, a stick, and even a pen can be used as a “knife” weapon.  I bet if you look around you, most of you will have something that can be used as a knife within arms reach, if not a full blown knife.

So anyway, on to the training.  This was a 30 min workout consisting of doing each drill or movement for 1 min, repeatedly.  So for example a simple thrusting jab with the knife, and keep doing it half the time on one hand and the other 30 seconds on the other hand.  Then on to the next movement.  I did different strikes, thrusts, slashes, stabbing, and other drills.  I worked on the different ways to hold the knife along with some defensive movements as well.  It would have been a bit better with a training partner but my wife was tired and wanted to go to bed.

Anyway guys, keep training and keep moving.