Pistol offence and defense training

PistolWell it was a pistol training day today. Not something I have really spoken about on this website in the past.

We went to a remote location, since people get nervous when you train with guns, even though we were just using airsoft guns and orange training guns.

First we started with offensive drills.  Presenting the side arm from inside a vehicle.  Sounds easy right?  This is actually a very technical drill that everyone who ever carries a gun in their vehicle should do.  There are actually many possible situations that Military, Police, or even civilian could find them selves in that presenting a gun from a vehicle would be necessary.  For example, in a SHTF situation with an angry mob.  A more practical situation could be in a city getting shot at when you are trapped in traffic or in a road block ambush.  When you start thinking about it there are some very real situations that this could be necessary.

When doing these offensive drills, it is all about dry fire practice, or practice with training weapons like we did.  You wear your seat belt, hands on the wheel just like you are really driving with your firearm where you would keep it, weather it be on your side, ankle, glove box, center console, you should practice getting your firearm to the ready as quickly and as safely as possible.  This drill is also very effective to have a partner, someone in the passenger seat so you can practice communicating to them and they can practice the proper manuvers to get out of the way of the firearm, the shooting, the hot brass, and so they can plug their ears.  We ran through this using the air soft guns and taking two or more shots out the open windows.  Also getting out of the way like that could protect them if the windows were not open and you had to shoot through the glass, moving their face away from the open window and covering their ears would help protect them.  Another thing to keep in mind with this drill is the presentation, as you pull the firearm from it’s location make sure you don’t allow the muzzle of the barrel to cover the passenger, or even your own legs or body as you bring the gun to the proper firing position.  You will see how important it is to run this drill repetitively and often, this is critical.

After the offensive drills we moved into defensive drills, using the orange training gun.  We used the situation where a thug is pointing a gun at you and asking for you to give them your wallet.  There are some key things to remember when practicing disarm drills against a gun.  First of all remember that there could be people behind you, and in my case there would be a very good chance the people behind me would be my family.  So, you want to make sure you don’t force the muzzle to point at them.  Next, it is important to remember that just grabbing the barrel isn’t enough, the instinctive reaction for an attacker would be to yank the gun back to them, and if you are only holding the barrel this could mean tearing your hand on the sights, it could mean you guiding the barrel to point at you again as your arm gets straightened, it could mean a guaranteed firearm discharge.  And the last thing we focused on in today’s drills was the connection of the mind of the attacker to the trigger of the gun.  The mind is connected and focused except in four situations: 1. When the attacker is talking or responding, 2. When the attacker is moving, 3. When the victim is talking, 4. When the victim is moving based on directions of the attacker.  These are the best times to take action with the last being the most effective.   In our drill we ran today for this situation we utilized the grab and twist into the attacker putting body to body and the weapon arm being controlled in the arm pit of the victim causing the firearm to point to the ground.  The victim is forcing back against the attacker and also pushing the firearm out of the hands of the attacker.  If that doesn’t make sense you will have to wait for the handgun video series…

The last defensive drill we performed was an attacker is pointing his firearm at a third party and we disarm from an attack from behind.  Again as you grabbed the weapon arm you are forcing it to the ground, then we utilised your knee at the back of the knee of the attacker and took them off balance while the whole time controlling the weapon.

It was a good day of training at lunch, wish we had more time to really make some good progress with these drills.  Always leave wanting more, right?  That’s what we did.

Keep training, and keep safe.

-Instructor Lance