Preparedness Theme for September

The Preparedness theme for September is Security. This is a controversial topic for most people, for me it is a no brainer, I worry about security even before a disaster so of course I want to be ready for the added security threats in a disaster. For this month we are a little torn and it will all depend on how the budget plays out since the products we are after are higher ticket items. Some things we are considering is adding another handgun, adding additional security cameras, getting another shotgun, and the list goes on for us. Some other less expensive recomendations are, pepper spray, knife, door or window alarms, even glow sticks and mouse traps….

(You can put a glow stick on a mouse trap and rig it with a trip wire, then put these around the perimeter of your yard, you will hear a snap and see a visual indicator of the wearabouts of an intruder)