Oil That Gun!

I have been working on and building AR-15 rifles for quite a wile and it always amazes me how few people actually oil their guns.  I have people come to me complaining about their gun jamming or not working quite right and all I had to do was clean it up and add some oil, presto it works!

One such friend brought a gun to me that he was going to sell and he just wanted me to have a look at it before he sold it to make sure it was in good condition.  Wow! I was shocked at how bone dry the carrier was, no oil at all, not even to the touch.  I asked him, so does it jam up on you a bit?  He replied yeah, a little.  I cleaned the gun up, and gave it a good oil down.

The next day when he took the gun to show the guy, the man said, “boy it is sure nice to meet someone who knows how to take care of a gun, most people don’t even clean their guns, and you have it cleaned and oiled!”  Needless to say, my friend is now a believer of the importance of a good cleaning and oil down.