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I have the Fever, it was several years ago when I first started learning about the AR15 rifle, then I touched one.  It was over, it was all over I was infected with the desire to own one, to shoot it.  There are many web pages and “how to” pages dealing with the AR15 and yes this is yet another one. I have built or worked on many AR15 rifles over the years and this is a web site to both help me remember for the next time and to help others, first time builders or people who just need to check their work.

Disclaimer: You must take responsibility for your own safety and for your own actions. The content of this web site is only informational and not intended to replace the use of a good qualified gunsmith. Reader assumes all responsibility, no writer, author, or contributor is liable for the content they have provided. Ignorance of the law is no defence, and I make no claim as to the legality of any particular course of action. Consult a lawyer for advice about the laws of your government before taking any course of action.

So the question comes, why am I doing this, why this web site.  In reality these rifles have become a passion of mine, I love to shoot them, I love to build them, I love to figure out an issue a friend is having with one, I love to talk about them, I love to hold them.  The feel of each piece of these rifles bring me joy.  To hold a freshly built one in my hands, lifting it to my shoulder, and releasing the first round down the freshly cleaned barrel, can only be described as excitement.

My first AR15 was a Bushmaster A1 style, and it was my first gun I ever purchased.   I put a lot of lead through that barrel, using the standard iron sights, and it was fun, and I wanted more… I then had a desire to put a scope on it, the carry handle put the scope up way to high for my liking, so I made the decision to take that Bushmaster A1 style and make it like this one – this isn’t my original, but I did assemble this one all myself.

Well, that first one did it to me, I had the itch.  I went on to build, and am still building rifles.  I also have worked on several rifles of my friends, to fix all sorts of issues for them.  As for building rifles, this was one of the more recent ones, and one I really enjoyed both building and shooting.

It started out as a DPMS Panther Sportical, I then upgraded the trigger springs, upgraded the pistol grip, completely redid the upper with a CMMG upper receiver, 5.56 20in Colt 1 in 9 twist Bull Barrel, YHM Diamond series Free Floating Handguard, vertical grip, bipod, and 4-16x40mm scope.  This is pictured with a 20round magazine.  This was my first long distance shooter and could easily shoot a 12inx12in steel plate at 450 yards.

I hope you enjoy this website and gain great knowledge, this sight is only for information reasons, I can not be held responsible if you use the information for anything other than that.